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So you'd like to have your own Online Rostering System? Well, its very simple. All you have to do is fill in the form below. The amount you are billed changes each month depending on how many members you have. And the more members you have, the less you pay per member! The following table outlines the cost per member:

Number of members

Cost per member
per month (US$)

Cost for full
number of members




























e.g. If you have 250 members, you will be charged the rate for the 201-400 bracket. Therefore, you will be charged 250 x $0.45 = $112.50 for that month.

Within minutes of signing up, your Online Rostering System will be all ready for you to start using! Your first month is free, and each following month, the subscription fee will be billed to your nominated credit card. You will always be notified 2 weeks prior to the transaction going through, so that you are aware of what the cost will be that month.

So what do you get?

When you sign up, you will have your very own Online Rostering System, hosted on our servers. You'll never have to worry about setting it up on your own servers, or keeping it running. Having your own Online Rostering System really is worry-free! We look after the hard stuff so that you get to do what you need to do, without having to worry about anything technical.

We'll send you an e-mail within about 5 minutes of you completing the signup process, with details of how to login to your system. You'll have your own website, and you'll login with your e-mail address, and a password that the system will allocate to you.

So why not sign up, even if you're just planning on trialing it for a month, and see what you think! If you decide to cancel, its just a case of logging into our merchant's website (which you will receive details of when you sign up), and clicking Cancel next to this subscription.

Simply enter in your desired Online Rostering System name below, click the Buy Now button, and you will be presented with a WorldPay subscription page. WorldPay are our payment processor, and they help to keep the whole process simple, and let us look after you, our customer.

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1. Country of use

Please select the country your Online Rostering System will be used in to determine your currency.

If you choose a currency other than USD, then you will be charged monthly in your currency of choice, after we convert the USD value in the table above to your local currency using live market rates.

2. Church/Organisation Name:

Please enter the name of your church or organisation.

3. Online Rostering System Name:

Please specify a word or acronym for your church, with no punctuation or spaces, that will be used to access your system, i.e.

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