Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy

Customers who wish to cancel must do so via the system that they originally signed up with. Details are sent to each customer upon signup on how to cancel should they wish to at a later stage. No further charges will be made on the customer's accounts after the date of cancellation.

Should a customer be unable to cancel online for whatever reason, an e-mail may be sent to, and the system will be cancelled within 48 hours, after the necessary checks and confirmations have taken place. Should a payment go through during this time, it will be unable to be refunded, however the service may be kept running for a further month if desired by the customer.

Refund Policy

Online Rostering Systems are provided by InterPlanetary Solutions, and are billed on a monthly basis as a recurring subscription. The monthly subscription fee is generally non-refundable. There are certain cases in which a month's subscription fee may be refunded at the discretion of InterPlanetary Solutions:

  1. If the service has been performing below reasonable expectations;
  2. If substantial data loss has occurred as a result of error on the part of the provider;
  3. If a system has become unused and was not able to be cancelled due to a physical, unavoidable inability of the account holder. In this case, checks will be made by InterPlanetary Solutions staff to ensure the account has definitely remained unused for a significant period of time.

In the case of part 2 above, we would suggest you refer to our Data Integrity Policy for information as to how your data is protected in our systems.

The first month of every new subscription is entirely free, with no setup fees. This initial month is defined as the "cool-down period", during which the customer can cancel at any time without ever having to pay any fees towards their system. This is also the "trial" period, where the customer can confirm that the Online Rostering System they have subscribed to meets their needs. As such, there is no fixed-term contract and customers can cancel anytime they like. To allow for this flexibility, refunds are not offered unless one or more of the above refund conditions are met.