Welcome to OnlineRostering.com!

Thankyou for visiting! Welcome to the home of the Online Rostering System, used by churches and organizations around the world. With its beginnings in the largest church in Australia, the Online Rostering System has evolved into a system that is suited to the needs of all churches, large and small (we like to call it growing)!

What is an Online Rostering System?

An Online Rostering System is a web-based system that simplifies the management of volunteer bases by allowing you to roster, or schedule, your team members across multiple services or events. It allows team members to log in to the system from anywhere in the world, and check their schedules, download the latest information, music, and documentation, and specify their future availability.

An Online Rostering System breaks down the barriers that have arisen in recent years with the scheduling of highly mobile teams. Once a team starts using an Online Rostering System, it is hard to go back to anything less.

What's more, an Online Rostering System is a system that is constantly evolving. As the needs of your church grow, so your Online Rostering System will grow to accommodate them.

What makes this different from other scheduling systems?

We are not interested in careless competing - there other definitely other products out there that allow you to schedule your teams. We encourage you to look around and investigate the options. We want you to be happy with your choice, and you must use all due diligence to ensure that you get what you need.

But the question is what makes an Online Rostering System different. Firstly, your Online Rostering System has been designed to be able to cope with growth. Whether you're a church with 50 volunteers, or 5,000 volunteers, there are other churches your size that are using an Online Rostering System. If you want to roster everyone within 1 team, or break your system up into 10, or even 100 teams, there are other churches that operate the way that you want to. Whether you have one church building, or multiple buildings spread across an entire city, there are other churches that use this system to do the same thing you do. Your Online Rostering System is designed for total scalability.

And that is only the start. Your Online Rostering System has been designed with the volunteer in mind. A volunteer doesn't want to have to learn a complex system. While it is true that your Online Rostering System has literally hundreds of features that administrators can use to tailor the way you roster, your volunteers don't need to know about a single one. All they want to know about is when and where they can help. And that is what the system tells them. They can enter their holidays and regular availabilities into the system, and look at the latest notices and files available for download, if they want. But in the end, when they login, its a simple matter of looking at their schedule.

Your Online Rostering System is not attempting to be your main church database. We understand that the majority of churches nowadays already have a database, and there is no need to change that just to implement an Online Rostering System. Your system has been designed to do one thing, and do it well: help you and your teams to work together better.

What else can it do?

Your Online Rostering System is packed full of features, but they're nicely categorised so as to not be too difficult to use. To look in more detail at some of the major features of the system, click the Features link! And once you've done that, try out the demo site that's available. In fact, why not sign up for an Online Rostering System? Your first month is free - a new system always involves a learning curve, and we don't want you to have to pay while you're learning. So sign up for your own, personalised Online Rostering System, have a play, and let us know how we can help you.